Our team of experienced fabricators cut, form, bend, glue, weld, and machine to manufacture unique end products. We use your hand drawings or CAD drawings to execute CNC equipment for consistent and high-quality results. We handle sheets up to 10′ and fabricate complex products to meet your needs.

Whether it is a showcase for a doll or a work of art, building a skylight, or a light cover, our knowledgeable staff has over 70 years of fabrication experience in the plastic industry. Speak with our experienced sales representatives for fabrication services.

Computerized Cutting

We utilize state-of-the-art computer controlled (CNC) machines to quickly provide precision cutting and engraving on various plastics, synthetics, composites, hardwoods, plywood, & foams.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Your freedom of design with our high quality laser engraving and intricate laser cutting.  

Edge Finishing

We offer 4 levels of edge finishes from a standard saw cut edge to a highly polished mirror edge.

Edge Profiles

Like the front rounded edge of a countertop, we can add profiles to the corners or edges of plastic.

Cementing & Fastening

When joining two or more pieces together we use adhesives, welding, or fastening methods.

Strip Bending

Seamless joints for a sleek finish with strip heaters and bending plastics.


10’ long oven + forming molds = Free forming of plastic into a finished product.

Restoration Polishing

Have a scratch? We can reduce the visibility of a scratch and possibly remove it. We can also restore old oxidized plastic surfaces back to its original surface with buffing and polishing.

3D Printing

Full-featured extrusion printing for small & intricate parts


Lathe turning for making precise cylindrical parts, pieces, or features.