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Restoration Polishing

Acrylic (Plexiglas) surfaces can last more than 50 years with proper care and regular maintenance. However, with the harsh chemicals and exhaust gasses in our daily environment the clarity and shine may be lost. Don’t worry, we can help to revive the life and shine back into your acrylic!

Restoration is an excellent choice when pieces are almost impossible or very costly to replace. Please bring your item to our facility where we can remove the white haze (oxidation) with buffing and polishing. We are able to restore the plastics original surface back to a shiny gloss!

Have a scratch? Strategic sanding, buffing, and polishing can greatly reduce the visibility of the scratches. Our scratch removal capabilities are a life-saver when replacement costs far exceed the cost to remove the scratch.

If there is no time to replace the item, consider our restoration service. If your item is immovable and needs on site work please contact us to schedule an appointment. Please provide at least 3 different photos from multiple angles.

*Please consider that deeper scratches require greater removal of material which changes the thickness of the pane and can induce image distortion.


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