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Cementing & Fastening

90% of the joints that we perform in-house include joining two or more acrylic pieces together with solvent cements (adhesives). We utilize more than 4 different types of cements for acrylic (Plexiglas). Depending on the joint configuration, structural requirements, and material, we will determine which cement is used.

Plastic welding is used when materials cannot be cemented with an adhesive due to the plastic’s molecular structure.  Welding is a process that uses plastic welding rods and concentrated heat. Material is heated, new material is added, and they are cooled together to form a welded joint. Welding is a more involved process including joint preparation, cleanliness, skilled labor, and weld finishing (sanding or polishing).

Mechanical fastening is an excellent method when joining different kinds of material together such as mounting plastics to metal or wood.  Fastening is also great for when items need to be removable. Plastic can be drilled through for bolts, threads, screws, etc., however, plastic is softer than metal, so we suggest using thicker material.  When attaching to plastic we suggest installing metal threaded inserts for more strength. 

Let us know your application and we will gladly help you to determine the best method for your project.


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