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MAKE VECTORS CONTINUOUS – make sure cutting paths are composed of a single continuous vector line (do not make 4 individual segments that represent a rectangle.) Note: Overlapping shapes to display a shape will result in each of the shapes being cut along each individual vector section.

ACTUAL SIZE – scale or draw vectors to the actual size you need.

SINGLE LAYER – flatten image down to a single layer.

EXPAND FONTS and EFFECTS – expand fonts and special effects to ensure that the image you see is what we see and imported into our machines. Any notes or add additional information like drawing details, material to be used, colors, profiled edges, special notes make as expanded text.

FORMAT EXTENSIONS – save file in .EPS, .SVG, .AI (.AI saved to Illustrator CS4), or .CDR (Corel Draw). These are specific drawing programs that export vector line files. Please do not edit a non-drawing program file (.jpeg) and change the extension, this will not work.

CONTACT INFORMATION – add your name and phone number in your email subject or body in case we have any question.

EMAIL SUBJECT – [Attn: sales person, if any], [your name or company], [project/job name] if they apply.

Files for LASER engraving & cutting:

CONVERT to BLACK/WHITE – ALL BLACK areas will be HIT with laser. Whites will not be touched.

CUT LINES – shade any vector line RED to indicate a cut path. Add a PERIMETER vector.

GRADIENTS & GRAY – change the fill colors to gray shades.