2-ply laser engravable laminates are the first choice for professionals and hobbist laser engravers! Common for laser engraved signage, name tags, industrial labeling, and awards! Sheets are composed of extruded acrylic core that provides a durable, UV stable, heat tolerant substrate with a micro-surfaced impact modified acrylic surface. Top layer is laser engraved away to reveal a contrasting substrate below, resulting in a one-step signage solution.

-Micro-surfaced impact modified acrylic top surface – Scratch and UV resistant
-Outdoor & indoor use permitted
-Permits consistent, clean, & fine detail engraving
-Uses minimal power settings at high speeds with quick turnaround
-Engrave with laser or rotary methods
-Can be hot stamped or silk screened
-Head bendable
-Easy to cut and work with using common woodworking tools
-Largest variety of colors and surface finishes!

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