HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a very versatile, extremely strong, abrasion resistant, low coefficient of friction material commonly used in storage containers, hard hats, liners, and pipes. Also features excellent resistance to mostiure absorption, staining, and odors. Used in industrial applications for its lightweight and weatherability. HDPE meets FDA, USDA, NSF certifications for food processing applications and recyclable.

-Extremely strong against impact, will not shatter ever!
-All weather rated under extreme conditions, super long life span
-Low coefficient of friction, self lubricating
-Excellent resistance to moisture absorption, stains, & odors
-FDA, USDA, NFA approved for food processing areas
-Good thermal and electrical insulation barrier
-Easy to cut and work with using common woodworking tools
-Easily machinable with normal tooling
-The Strongest Everyday Plastic! It’s Sustainable & Recyclable!

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